Some of the things our customers are saying...


Just wanted to say thx again for all your help with the suits. It looks great.

William, from Toronto 2016


Weird name, great suits. Ordered a navy suit and a black suit from them in separate times, quick service and good workmanship for both. Local tailor reimbursement is slightly less than competitors but original price also a lot less. Sales are not as often now, but when the price falls to around $300, it is a very good deal, especially since the second order usually does not need to be altered locally.

Jonathan, from New York 2016


Definitely one of the best bargains I’ve recently come across. My suit was very well made, and Cecil was very good to deal with both in person and online. Similar off-the-rack suits sell for roughly the same price. Will come back to order another one in the future.

Minwang, from Toronto 2016


Me and my groomsmen ordered a total of 7 suits from Cecil for my wedding. Overall I’m very happy with the way the suits turned out. Cecil was really accommodating throughout the entire process, from initial consultation, to measurements, to delivery, and follow-up. The price point offered by Vulture Suits provides excellent value for your money. For my next suit, I would definitely order from Cecil again. Definitely check out Vulture suits if you're in the market for a custom suit, but don't want to spend over $500.

Thomas, from Toronto 2016


I ordered a tux and then a shirt from Vulturesuits for my wedding. Very pleasant company to deal with. Received a discount for the suit, but not for the shirt, but am very pleased with both items. Fit very well and the quality is top notch.

Gordon, from Maryland 2016


These guys are fast! Ordered a suit and it came in exactly 2 weeks. Joshua from customer service was extremely detailed, telling me which measurements might have been off. I’ve purchased from Indochino before, but the fit was a bit big. Vulture Suits is much cheaper and has  a better fit!

Gabe, from Victoria 2016


Saw these guys from a comment post on themodestman, and decided to give them a try. Definitely did not disappoint. From customer service to help with measurements to the speedy response from customer service, they all excel. Measurements are exact, but pants are slightly too short. Took them to local tailor to let the hem down for $10, which was reimbursed by Vulturesuits in a day. Definitely will come back again.

Kevin, from Pennsylvania 2016


I’m one of Vulture Suits’ first customers. They gave me a really good discount and put a lot of attention into my measurements and order details. The end result was a high quality excellent fitting suit for a bargain price. I’m not a frequent suit wearer, but I’m sure it will serve me many years to come.

Matt, from Sydney 2015


Recently purchased a mtm suit from them. Their customer service is good, and the suit came exactly as i ordered, very fitting. The quality is also excellent, so really no complaint there. Also, it came at a great price due to its store launch promo. Will purchase from them again if i need another suit further down the road.

Winson, Toronto 2015




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