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Summer Wedding : Tropical Series

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luxury without the sticker shock

Premium Custom Suits, Overcoats, and Shirts

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Immaculate Craftsmanship

Traditional, small-size tailor shop with highly experienced master tailor cutting each garment himself to ensure fit & quality


Premium Features

Button anchors | reinforced Sweat Shields
Rubberized Waistband | surgeon's cuffs*



Quality Fabrics

only top quality fabrics
including 100% worsted wool and 100% Linen / Cotton




Attentive Service

some of the most attentive online customer service
available in the industry, all the way from start to finish




Satisfaction Guaranteed

14 day worry-free remake policy on quality defects
30 day easy local alteration rebate

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*Surgeon's cuffs (functioning buttons) are available upon request at no additional charge.
Please note that functioning buttons may impede with the alteration of a suit's arms length.




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